Sunday, January 28, 2007

Feeling Much Better Now

After that last post, I began to feel bad, of course, that I was starting to sound like one of those tiresome people that's always complaining about DPS or their meaningless life. Doing a little research on the web, though, about happiness led me to the site of the Happy D Ranch. If you can visit their site and come away sad, then apparently you missed the absurd link to peanut brittle.

So, I'm feeling better, although I do wonder about generic Zoloft since this is the bluest I've been in a while and it may be that I just feel that I've betrayed the Pfizer company. While I'm taking the generic, they're laying off hundreds of people. Coincidence?

The sermon at church today started out promising enough. Our church has been a daughter church to an older Christian Reform church here in town, but it is getting ready to become a full fledged member of the CRC on its own. The sermon this morning was about true religion and at first it seemed that we were going to discuss other denominations and explain why they were wrong and we were right, but no, not at all. Instead, the pastor said that of the 300 or so churches in Anchorage, any one of them probably would be a place to worship and find community. No, what he wanted to talk about was me, or maybe he didn't mean just me since he didn't name me or look in my direction, but still I knew he wasn't talking about Baptists or Lutherans or even Mormons who are clearly deluded, no he wanted me to be passionate about Jesus and the things that Jesus is passionate about.

So unless Jesus is passionate about snow removal or DPS errors, I've got some attitudes to adjust.


  1. I have been on generic Zoloft for nearly two months now and I've been noticing that I have been more depressed lately. I talked to my mom (a registered nurse, though she's in cardiology, not psych), and she said that generic drugs can be bad. Mainly the problem is that the "binders" can be totally different, and that many people have a different physiological reaction to them. I've done no research on this, but simply decided to take her at her word. I think I'm going to go back to the non-generic and just pay the higher co-pay.

  2. I'm sure your mom is right. We are constantly battling our pharmacy benefit manager to get Karen brand intsead of generic.
    I just picked up another 90 day supply of generic Zoloft so we'll see. In 90 days we'll have more sunlight and less snow.