Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That's Not to Say That Stationary Rocks Are Necessarily Covered in Moss

I was talking to my sister last night. She's enduring a perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances, precipitated, as it were, by a perfect storm of weather. I told her that she should come up here because next month on her birthday, our house will have been in our family for fifty years. "We could have a little party," I said.
"We could have a big party," she said.
We could, I guess, if I had (m)any friends.
Anyway, you, at least, are invited.


  1. all the fun anniversaries happen when I am gone! Maybe I'll make a bet on the roulette wheel in honor of the fiftieth anniversary -- think I should go for five and nine or for five and zero? Don't worry, I probably will forget :).

  2. sigh, I hate it when blogger eats my comment. . . Also, I miss all the big anniversaries!! I vote for white spot to celebrate 50 years (really I vote for burger stop and shakes but since they haven't been around for fifty years it seems wrong somehow).