Sunday, January 18, 2009

Roku to the Rescue

We didn't even have to wait for February 17th to lose access to TV, our Dish dish blew off the house the first day of the chinook. I called the local provider about repairs. They told me that it would be cheaper if Dish scheduled it themselves, so they transferred me to Dish executive offices to spare me the phone tree maze. Dish denied doing repairs in Alaska, barely conceding that they even had customers up here. I called the local provider back, and back and forth. Eventually they said that they'd be out some time.
So far, we haven't really missed TV. We haven't even had to watch our Netflix DVD's that have been sitting around since October. We have been watching All Creatures Great and Small on the Roku. The longer the dish lays out in the yard, the more I'm thinking about letting it stay there. Karen has 70 hours of Design on a Dime on the DVR and we get our news from NPR and what's left of our newspaper. Roku isn't as good for that. Based on what we're watching, it appears that someone named Hitler is doing bad things to cows.

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