Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adam Smith Lives, In Moscow.

Vladimir Putin, of all people, is lecturing the West about following the failed policies of socialism. He may have a point. When Obama was running for president, he derided the idea of borrowing money from China and sending it to the Arabs to buy oil. At least when we did that, we got oil. Now it looks like our government is about to borrow almost a trillion dollars so that investment banks can continue to pay ridiculous bonuses and perks to the very people who destroyed the economy.
I went on a Gordon Lightfoot song buying binge this week. I'd sort of forgotten how depressing his lyrics are. Sample:
Sitting alone, my friends have all gone home
They never were around when I needed them.

Listening to the songs, and being depressed, of course, made me realize that depression itself might be my most loyal friend. Not a good friend, mind you, but certainly the one that's always around.

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