Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Roll Over Gutenberg and Tell McClatchy the News

Dr. Egon Spengler: Print is dead.

The headline appeared in Ghostbusters back in 1984. Now it's being borne out right here in Anchorage where our local paper has been eliminating features and pages, preparatory to today's issue which eliminates whole sections. One feature being eliminated is Perfect World*, edited by a young lady on my route*,which allowed the youths of today to practice journalism. Of course, I've come full circle, when I was a youth of yesterday, I thought that young people had insights unavailable to the "older generation". Now that I am the older generation, I just think young people haven't had enough experience to know what they think, and I wish they'd turn down their music since it all sounds like the same song.
Anyway, print had a pretty good run from 1439 till now. Not as good as fire, maybe, but still, compare it to cuecat.

*A Perfect World is the title of a great Clint Eastwood movie which contains the line that deflates pretty much everything, "Who're you gonna brag to about that?"
**Just a way to get me in the story, not unlike the bear mauling that happened to someone I vaguely knew that took place when I was in another borough.

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