Friday, May 09, 2008

Triumph of the Lower Middle Class

I've been doing some abs work with the plunger on our upstairs toilet. It hasn't done that much for my abs, and nothing for the toilet. Today I walked over to Home Depot and bought a toilet snake. I wasn't too optimistic since I've never had any success with them before, but I resolved to try a radical approach, reading the instructions. That turned out to be such a good idea that I may consider it for other projects in the future.
I looked at the $169 power snake that did everything but hunt mice, and the $35 one that had some ergonomic features, but decided on the $7 one that warned the buyer to wear thick gloves to avoid injury. Although it was put together so poorly that the handle fell off almost immediately, it cleared the plug in the line. Because the handle came off so quickly, I didn't even have to pretend to clean and oil it like the instructions said. It could have only been more disposable if it was flushable.
Tomorrow my route begins its half decadely inspection. For a week, I'll have to go in early and count every piece of mail, and account for every minute of my office time, including line 23, time spent filling out the form. Monday a supervisor brought in from the Western Region Headquarters will be with me all day. They must have pretty high expectations of how much money they can save at our station to justify bringing in six of these pros from Denver. If anything irritating and amusing happens, I'll let you know.

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  1. ah the joys of bureaucracy... as for the snake, did you try to fix it with duct tape before throwing it away? ...hmmm, doesn't sound very Alaskan ;)