Thursday, May 01, 2008

Don't Bother to RTFM

I mentioned recently that after reading the manual, I had finally adjusted the cleats on my shoes so that I could easily get my feet back out of the pedals on my bike. The people that wrote the manual didn't bother to mention that if you drive out of the post office with the shoes on top of your truck, it isn't going to matter how the cleats are turned.
Earlier this year, I bought a pair of bike sandals to use this summer. Realizing that there never would be a "this summer", I figured I could trade them in on a new pair of bike shoes, and this was the best part, I had two rebate debit cards from AT&T that could use if I needed extra money. In the event, I traded the sandals in, got new shoes and money back. As far as the cards go, they might as well have been in the shoes on the truck, I have no idea where they are here in this magic house.

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