Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This Might Be Important; Let Me Think About It.

A commenter on a previous post left a link to a NYT article. I couldn't get the link to work from the comment box, so I'm posting it here. I think it might give you youngsters a hopeful outlook on your impending, your impending, oh what's the word I'm looking for? Wouldn't that have been a sad little attempt at humor if I really did know what word I was looking for, and was just trying to be cute?

Yesterday I had an actual inspector from the National Inspection Team ride along with me. He timed how long it took me to sort the mail in the morning, and then how long it took to deliver each stop. His report showed that I exceeded office standards (a very low bar) and that I delivered the mail without any problems or items that needed to be corrected. Today there was a local official parking behind my truck and making notes as I delivered the mail. As he eventually drove off, my actual supervisor drove up and told me that the supervisor watching me today had called another supervisor who had called my supervisor and said... blah blah, I'm getting bored with this story. The point is, we have about 30 managers watching our every move this week, and their focus seems to be that carriers should be crossing every lawn, not just some lawns. Since in the winter, you can't cross any lawns... nope, that's not the point, that's more of the rant. The point is that they are spending tens of thousands of dollars to save tens of dollars. A bad trade.
Oh, and another thing, I can't tell you what to find interesting, but I think a story about a dead cat that turned out to be a live dog might have elicited a comment.
Oh, oh, here's another thing. I'm reading a book, Apathy, that is so perverse, and so opposed to everything I believe in, that it's embarrassing how many times it's made me snicker, or sigh in agreement. Here's a sample quoted from memory, "Every place is uncomfortable when you're awake." I just read the Amazon review. Apparently it's not all that funny, and I'm kind of a wanker for thinking so. And now that I think of it, saying wanker probably proves Amazon's point.

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