Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fighting Both Sides of Every Battle is a Sure-Fire Way to Win (and Lose)

It's become a truism that we're fighting, or at least funding both sides in the war on terror and the war on drugs. Apparently the goal is to eliminate the middle man.
If that doesn't work, it looks like Blue Cross is running what is an increasingly less subtle eugenics program. It's as if the whole world is that bar in Star Wars, and we're Mark Hamill.
That being the case, I'll just paste in some quote that agrees with me about something and get going. I've got a lot to get done tonight, you know. Starting with NCIS.

One way to deal with the problem would be ending the artificial price of drugs by legalizing them. This would rapidly lower the price of drugs and vastly reduce the money to be made in smuggling them. Nothing hurt the American cartels more than the repeal of Prohibition, and nothing helped them more than Prohibition itself. Nevertheless, from an objective point of view, drug legalization isn’t going to happen. There is no visible political coalition of substantial size advocating this solution. Therefore, U.S. drug policy will continue to raise the price of drugs artificially, effective interdiction will be impossible, and the Mexican cartels will prosper and make war on each other and on the Mexican state.

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  1. if the drugs you are referring to are illegal drugs, then yes you're right, prohibition won't work. Just like the abstinence program, we need to give kids the facts and help them make healthy informed decisions. Not to mention the biggest drug dealers in Amerikkka right now are the pharmaceutical companies