Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm as Patriotic as the Next Guy

For five days of our route inspections we count our own mail and keep track of every minute of our time ourselves. One day, though, a supervisor counts the mail and follows us all day. He times each stop and writes down everything we do or say. Really, it's a model of how the Patriot Act will be implemented as time goes on. The difficulty will be that the inspectors will need to be watched, and eventually we will run out of Americans to enforce our security and will have to outsource it, probably to the very people that hate us. It's all very clever, I suppose. If they work for us, they can't afford to attack us.
In any event, today was the day that I was followed. It all went pretty well up to a point. The point was located on Princeton Way. That's where a different supervisor arrived and said that the route inspections had been canceled.

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