Monday, October 01, 2007

Vain Repetition

You'd think I would take Matthew 6:7 to heart and stop writing about this, but if you did think that, then you never really knew me at all. I just wonder if you're singing a song and you have to repeat "I am a friend of God." 16 times in a row, who are you trying to convince?

I did feel bad in church yesterday that I started taking notes like Clive Barnes or somebody, instead of absorbing the message of the music and spoken word. But honestly, if God is telling you specific things like don't go surfing, or call your mom, why is your life so screwed up? I mean my life is no particular advertisement for faith or even works but I don't go around telling people that when I had God over for coffee last night he told me to sell Amway or something.
Hmm, so I started this post this morning, and while at work, I realized once again, that self-righteous screed notwithstanding, the song I should be singing is that old spiritual
"It's me Lord, it's me, standing in the need of prayer."
Now, here's an ungainly transition, but it's tough to dance gracefully with these big robot feet.
Speaking of humanity, did I mention that the last vestiges of it have been removed from our workplace? When we got our new scanners a couple of weeks ago, we were given bar codes to stick to our ID badges, now when we come to work in the morning we scan ourselves like the prisoners in Alien 3.

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  1. I love the, who are they trying to prove it to part. . .