Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Medical Information That HIPAA Wouldn't Let Me Release

Okay, so Karen fell down and broke her arm lengthwise, but this is kind of vindication for her new doctor who said that tests revealed that she had a severe rickets-like vitamin D deficiency. She also said that north of Atlanta, there is not enough sunlight to make vitamin D from November to March. We live north of Atlanta year round, and I bet you do too. Are you getting enough Vitamin D3?
After my last post, I told Leah that Sarah had provided a link that let us know that the "unicorn" we'd seen wasn't a goat with a horn glued on, but a goat that had been surgically deformed to have a single horn. "But that's worse," she said.
Ha, who's the myth killing monster now, Stheno?

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