Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tragically Hip*

Our cat has liver cancer, actually based on relative sizes, our cat's cancer has a liver.
I was going to post something about that earlier, but I hadn't told Sarah and I've learned to my chagrin that the internet is a terrible place to store secrets.
I've learned so much to my chagrin that I'm thinking of putting it on staff.

*Because Tragically Hip is a band that recorded a song called Chagrin Falls.


  1. Speaking of which, how's auntie viv? Ambre said she learned about tramp in Disney World. . . .

  2. Well, that's great. I never told Auntie Viv about Tramp.

  3. Which kitty? One of the originals from when we were in high school (we=me and srh, not you and I, obviously)?

    Well, sending catnippy, tuna-filled thoughts for his/her last days.

  4. yep, the one that swore -- You can call him Al