Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday, Lather and Repeat

By yesterday, it was easy to tell that Karen grew up on a dairy farm by the way she milked her birthday.
On Wednesday we went to friends' house, on Friday, her actual birthday, we went to a new restaurant with the Johnsons, Saturday, Little Italy and yesterday, Henry's.
The new restaurant is called Suite 100. It's across the parking lot from Borders Books. I was slightly disappointed because... wait, let's back up a second.
On Wednesday, I'd called Mumbo Gumbo to order biscuits to take to the Seitz's house, but they had closed for that evening. On Saturday, we were going to eat at Mumbo Gumbo, but now they're only open Tuesday-Friday for dinner.
...I was slightly disappointed in Suite 100 because the review I had read had raved about their bread pudding. They use croissants instead of bread and I had hoped it could be my new favorite thing since the MG biscuits are getting harder and harder to get. It was okay, but besides the bread, they had replaced the raisins with chocolate chips. That's not what I call bread pudding. The rest of the meal was great. It was awfully busy, though and loud.
In case you aren't busy, here's a link from Sarah's blog that should basically suck the time right out of your day.

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