Friday, October 05, 2007

Clarification and Then Something Else That I Now Realize Only Interests Me. Luckily, It's My Blog.

Every three months the Alaska District Manager of the Postal Service sends us a letter reminding us of the policy regarding sexual harassment. We're against it. Well, of course, sexual harassment is evil and we're against it. What's galling, or infuriating, whichever one means the most irritating, is that these letters began arriving after a supervisor asked a female letter carrier to give him a lap dance. According to our policy, he should have been disciplined, perhaps even fired. Not promoted. So yeah, I don't appreciate getting these frequent reminders.
Just as it's infuriating, or perhaps galling, that the manager of the all the stations, besides being a moron, shoved a clerk down without consequences.

Yesterday I started to ride over to the library, but my bike began making a rubbing sound. As I tried to figure out what was causing the noise, it got louder and louder, becoming finally more of a squeal. Tonight, I took the brake off, removed a bracket, put the brake back together and rode to the library. I know, that's not very interesting, unless, you realize how proud that makes me given the fact that I not only took the brake off, but also put it back on, and could still ride, and stop the bike.

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