Friday, March 30, 2007

White Collar Dog, She's a Rich, Um Girl

I was planning on writing about a dog on my route that was too proud to chase a stick, but even though it was going to give me a chance to use the word "atlatl" I sort of lost interest. It happens.
I was talking to a friend today about aging joints. I had never even thought of replacing Splenda with granulated Advil.
I got Slipstreamz recently. They're speakers for bike helmets that allow you to hear your iPod, but still hear traffic noise for safety. I can't always hear Big Ideas (a podcast about big ideas; sometimes they're great, and sometimes it's like "Hey, what's the big idea?") but I can usually hear music, and of course cars honking if they have to slow down for two seconds to avoid killing a bicyclist. They call it honking, but really it's more like bleating, "Four wheels good, two wheels bad."

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