Monday, March 05, 2007

Finally, Finally, a Chance to Use a Big Word

So, here we are on our penultimate day of vacation and finally, finally, we find the warm weather we left Anchorage for. Last night we stayed in Flagstaff. Since we were there last week, it had stopped snowing, but the altitude is now seven thousand feet above sea level. Carrying the suitcases in left me panting. Or maybe my pants left me gasping. I have told people I'm a recovering glutton, but heavy (very heavy) emphasis on glutton this week.
We spent the day today in Sedona. It's odd really that a community that is so focused on crystals, vortexes and the freeing of the human spirit could charge $41.00 for lunch for two.
Now we're in Phoenix. Blue skies smiling lovingly down, warm air caressing our cheeks, palm trees dancing in the breeze and waving goodbye. Tomorrow, back to Anchorage.

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  1. Someone has to pay for the crystals. It's like sales tax for city works. . . .