Friday, February 09, 2007

Peer Pressure; It's the Greatest

An old friend dropped by unexpectedly today. Usually we like to schedule well in advance so we can move the squalor into the corners, but it was nice to have him visit, and he agreed to go for a bike ride. As I've mentioned, since it hasn't snowed recently, the bike riding has been excellent on hard packed trails. Or I should say, it hadn't snowed recently. There was a light dusting yesterday, but even that was good since the hard pack was turning to ice and this gave it a grippable surface.
But (there's always a but, isn't there?) it snowed a little more this morning. I had agreed to meet Art just past the duck pond near our house and by the time I got there I was already getting tired. I had expected Art to say there was too much snow, and maybe we should just forget the ride, but he didn't and I didn't, so off we went together like King Wenceslas and his page. Like the page, I was soon exhausted, but no miracles were forthcoming until we got to Westchester Lagoon. Art said it was possible to ride on the ice and not damage it for the skaters who are, after all, taking sharp metal blades and dragging them across the ice. It's my new favorite thing. It was effortless. It was fast. It was flying. I was ET. We made two circuits of the Lagoon. I could have done that forever, but Art had to leave (and I was already missing an eye exam). So a long, long slog uphill through the snow, past two moose and then home.
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