Saturday, March 31, 2007

Long Time Reader

I have avoided posting pictures on this blog. If you were to multiply the extra 15 seconds or so it would take to load, times the average numbers of readers I have, valuable quarter minutes would be wasted each time I look at my blog. Then I had the idea of posting pictures on Flickr and linking to them. That way people could look at the pictures or not; their choice. To that end, I took my camera with me today. Now, all winter I have been practically stepping over moose and under eagles to deliver the mail, but, today, nothing Big Wild Life, at all.
Long time readers, insert self-deprecating remark here about lack of readers, will remember that I started this blog to tell a story about a bike ride I took last spring, along the bike trail and into Kincaid Park where I promptly got lost.I told the story over and over, and by the time I got around to writing about it, I was pretty bored with it. Hours into the ride, after being hopelessly lost, seeing a bear and a porcupine, pushing my bike straight north through the woods for seemingly ever because I knew eventually I would hit a road, hitting a road and having to ride miles more to the north to get back on the trail, getting my coat caught in my chain and covered with grease, I took this picture. Right after that, the wind blew my bike over and broke my headlamp. So, exhausted, I slowly pedaled home, covered in grease, with a nose running from the cold looking like a vagrant as I pedaled through the throngs of preppy people covered in Spandex and money using the trails that night.

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