Thursday, March 08, 2007

This Will Be Really Fun If You Like Listening to People Complain

We got back to Anchorage late Tuesday night. Still cold, but apparently not as cold as it's been so we're supposed to be grateful, but we're not. While we were gone, a jar fell out of a cupboard and destroyed our glass cooktop. We could be pleased about getting a new cooktop, but, again, we're not. Our desktop Mac froze up while we were gone. It may have been because off and on,the contractor was turning the power on and off. I was able to start it up from the bootable back-up (ha ha, who guessed I had a bootable back-up?) and run Disk Utility but it still wouldn't start from the hard drive. I went to the Mac store to buy Disk Warrior or Tech Tool, but they told me that I could save the $100. by doing an Archive and Restore, or something like that. That way all my settings would be saved. I guess they were, but like in a vault; a completely inaccessible vault. The computer works, but every now and then, like a stroke victim, a simple task eludes it.

Karen and I
have been shopping for the bathroom remodeling project. It's going about as well as you might expect when a passive-aggressive and a color blind person try and pick out paint and tile.
Tomorrow I go back to work and back on Weight Watchers. I'm looking forward to the diet, but waddling around in the cold, not so much.

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