Friday, March 02, 2007

Only in Albuquerque

...or any other city in America. Yesterday we only did things that you could do anywhere. We did go to a Petroglyph Visitor Center that was closing when we got there, so I'm not sure how to count that.
In an hour or so, though, we're supposed to take the longest tram ride in America to the top of Sandia Mountain, then a museum visit.
On Sunday we're going to give Flagstaff one more chance, spending the night before visiting Sedona on Monday and then proceeding to Phoenix. Tuesday evening we go home where it is still unbelievably cold. By the way, driving across the Southwest I realized that the Roadrunner cartoons are extraordinarily accurate, but they don't give a sense of the scale. There are hundreds of miles capable of supporting Wile E. and his relatives.

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