Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Post Rated R For Wince Inducing Language. Well, I Winced

It's spring break, so yesterday we had a spring blizzard. Somebody asked if I had ridden my bike to work, and I laughingly said "I couldn't have even pushed my bike to work today." On the way home from work, though, I saw that the municipality had cleared the sidewalk along the main street to the post office. So, I took my bike to work this morning.  But, the sidewalk clearing crew had been so fast that they were ahead of the street clearing crew, which, by this morning, had pushed all the snow from the road  up onto the sidewalk. It turns out, that I can push my bike through deep snow.

The snow was beginning to be packed down by this afternoon, so I attempted to ride home.  My back tire spun out, and it was only by quickly putting my knee on the ground and my scrotum on the nose of the seat that I was able to avoid damaging my bicycle.

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