Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just Checking In

I remember hearing a pastor talk about staring at his Bible in despair, saying, "There must be one more sermon in this book somewhere." Luckily, I don't have to come up with sermons, although considering how we're to deny ourselves, if I did have to come up with one, I might call it "Get Over Myself". I can assure you, though, that myself would not issue an altar call.

Just as patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, Alaskan bloggers can always turn to moose if they're uninspired, as I seem to be. I always dreamed that I could line up words like a dogteam, crack the whip and they'd take me where ever I wanted to go.
So, do you want to go to Prague?, No? Just Czeching.
Are you playing hockey? No? Just checking.
Do you have a savings account? No, just checking.

See, that's what I actually come up with. So, moose it is. Yesterday after work I was riding my bike through Russian Jack Park. I came across my favorite checker from Safeway. She was with her three dogs on the trail in the off-leash section of the park. She was talking to a Teutonic woman with three German Shepards (dogs). I stopped to say hi, and they told me there were two moose on the trail up ahead. I stayed to talk to them for awhile, then realized I'd rather take my chances with the moose than with the barking dogs. By then the moose had moved off the trail, so a happy ending, or at least till I wandered off the trail and was quite jostled before finding my way back, whereupon my chain fell off. But then it fell back on, so another happy ending.

Today at work there a was a cow moose with her cute little calf ambling slowly down the street I was delivering. The cow got her foot caught in some Christmas lights that were strung over the bush she was eating. She eventually pulled free, so a third happy ending in one blog. How's that for value?

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