Friday, May 23, 2014

This Is An Update On Karen In The Sense That I Read The Article While I Was At The Hospital

So,  J. K. Rowling and I are essentially in the same business. She aggregates letters into words, and gets paid for it, and I aggregate letters into mailboxes. So, I think I have to defend her when she's being done wrong. Solidarity, sister.
According to the New York Times, Amazon is using hard-ball tactics to muscle more money out of publishers. They have even gone so far as "...refusing orders late Thursday for coming Hachette books, including J. K. Rowling’s new novel, published under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith."
I don't want to be the, "When they came for the billionaires I didn't say anything because I wasn't a billionaire," guy.
I'm planning on boycotting Amazon until they stop being jerks. It should be easy to take this stand right this minute because I am stuffed full of food that came via Amazon as a gift from Sarah. Like the lady on Taxi said as she snuffed out a cigarette, "I thought quitting would be harder."

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