Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dodging Bullet, Naming Names And Then The Cutest Dog Ever

Karen had a block today to make her surgery tomorrow less painful. While I was in the waiting room, another patient told the receptionist her entire seventeen year medical history. The receptionist bore up pretty well, probably because this is her last week before moving to North Carolina.
The patient, let's call her X because I have no idea what her name is, said that after Dr. Peterson had operated on her, she went back to him complaining that she was in a lot pain. He took an X-Ray and told her she was fine. She went to Dr. Eule. He noticed that the two bolts that had been installed in her back had both broken.
That Dr. Peterson that ignored and minimized X's complaint, was the same doctor that we wanted to consult for a second opinion, but were unable to because the referral never came through. We DODGED A BULLET!
Except bullets never come in groups of one, do they? Dodging them is like dodging hailstones. If one doesn't get you, the next one, or the one after that, will. We dodged a bullet, there's another one out there somewhere.
By the way, X and I both agreed, Dr Levine was the worst.
And anyone who met her would think Ellie is the best:

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