Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's Like A High-Wire Act

Karen walked the same distance today as yesterday and may even do another lap this afternoon. She didn't  have to stop and weep from pain and exhaustion this time, so it went quicker. 
Apparently, you need to be in bad shape to get into the rehab unit, but not too bad. She's walking a fine line. 


  1. Ah, the rehab unit. We were just there!

    1. How was it? How's your dad?

  2. And you, how are you?

  3. The rehab unit was fine for dad, but a littttttle difficult for Mom. There were some communication problems with one of the therapists and one of the doctors and she ended up feeling really powerless. But you guys have been feeling that way for years now so it might not be quite such a shock for you.

    Everyone was otherwise really nice and supportive and helpful, honestly, and he got great PT/OT.

  4. In current events news, he went through his stem cell transplant and his numbers are good. We're waiting for signs of GVH disease but so far he's just very tired. And I'm great because I just had a week off after finishing that draft.