Sunday, May 11, 2014

Out For A Walk(er)

I'm making a car reservation for our trip to Iowa. We're staying on Karen's brother's dairy farm. Do you think it would be insensitive to arrive in a car with a leather interior?
Our former governor, Sarah Palin, called in to a local radio show and called out our current governor for being a tool of the oil companies he used to work for. She reminded listeners that she was elected to end crony capitalism up here and that Sean Parnell has become Alaska's Crony in Chief. For all the awful things she's said and done since she was nominated for vice-president, she occasionally reminds us why she seemed like a breath of fresh air when she campaigned for governor on a platform of rooting out corruption. On the radio, she sort of semi-endorsed Bill Walker for governor. Our children and the Walker's children went to the same school at the same time.  During a crisis in the administration of the school,  the Walkers were clear thinking, clear speaking parents that helped to successfully resolve the situation. That's how I remember them, and with hypnosis and memory enhancement supplements, they might remember me.

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