Sunday, May 18, 2014

Isn't There A Movie Out About A Monster Crashing Around?

The other day as I was lumbering around my yard I pulled over the hose reel, which broke off a piece, and as water fountained upwards, I stepped backwards onto the sprinkler, breaking that, too. The hose reel has been a bit of a disappointment really. It's heavy, awkward, and now a little bit broken, too. I'm thinking I'd like to try one of those as-seen-on-tv hoses that retract automatically and weigh next to nothing. I only mention this because even though I truly don't need anything ( I need less, if anything) for Father's Day, sometimes people will insist. This year there's really a perfect present. It's inexpensive, takes up no space and would mean a lot to me. It's an e-book of short stories set in Magadan, Anchorage and other places in Russia and the US. Since I already bought that for myself, a hose would be nice.
There's a scene in the book wherein a Russian moves in 1992 to run a Russian airline's Anchorage office. That was the year that I haunted the international terminal trying to get Russians to carry packages to Magadan for me. I felt myself a ghostly presence off to the side as I read the story. In real life, I was in a story about that. When I told Karen that the writer had made me look like a pathetic dweeb, she immediately sprang to defend me, "Well, it's all true."
As you might know, I've been off work this week taking care of Karen. I stayed on my diet, but apparently nursing, at the least the way I do it, doesn't involve much exercise. I gained three pounds. This is sort of disturbing since we're going to Iowa where the food tastes so much better than it does here. I had pushed a little below the bottom of my weight range, but now I'm afraid that I'll be pushing over the top of my pants.
During the debacle Friday, as I was driving to collect Karen off the operating table, I called to reschedule her surgery. They told me they couldn't reschedule it until they actually had the disk. I said, that I'd left it at the hospital, so presumably the doctor had it, but they said they had to be sure, and sure enough, they were right. According to Google's figures,  the doctor could not wait for me to cover 700 yards in eight minutes before he had the surgery canceled and was out the door. Tomorrow, we begin again.

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