Friday, June 18, 2010

Fine, You Caught Me, I Used A Thesaurus

I hate Neal Conan. There, I said it. In the olden days, NPR had Bob Edwards who would ask short, insightful questions, and then step back from the microphone and let his guests give long insightful answers. Neal Conan, though, always has to show that he knows at least as much as the guest does, and way, way, more than the people that call into his Talk of the Nation. If he knows so much, why does he even bother having guests? Except maybe Bill Maher,  the apotheosis of smug condescenion.

Yesterday at the clinic, the doctor wanted to check my balance. I didn't do that well, but I think it might be because I've got so many years piled up so haphazardly under me.

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