Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Best Day Ever, It Was The Solstice, Apple Updated The iPhone, I Saw TWO Friends And A Movie

I was talking to the girl from across the street, who grew up and became a professor in Texas. She has one of those rare diseases that so many people have nowadays ("Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded"). Because life-style changes have given her a lot of control over her health, she said, she was waiting to see how a trial of a new drug went, and then would probably still wait a little while to see if there were adverse effects before trying it. "Oh, I know, right? I won't even download software onto my computer until it's past version .0," I said.
This continued a tradition of making grandiose proclamations.  I downloaded Apple's IOS 4 software in the first hours it was available. So much for self-control.
A noted technology writer is saying that Apple's ecosystem is like a gated community a la The Hotel California, but wow, if you're going to be a prisoner of your own device, a good device would be an iPhone.

Today there was a bear on my route. I didn't see it, which was a disappointment and a huge relief.

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