Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Nexus Of Philology and Philately

If an envelope says "Do Not Bend" and we shred it, is there a moment during the shredding process where the paper is bent before tearing?
Do you know, by the way, that a working poet might receive as little as $15. for a poem?
That's why I didn't bother to ever submit this anywhere, I didn't want to be insulted, or offered too little money for it, but mostly I didn't want to be insulted.
You can send e-mail in instants
and it doesn't cost a dime.
It can cover a vast distance
in very little time.

So now even philatelists,
who love to see the postage,
have become real fatalists
using e-mail for the mostage.

So is there any reason
to use the Service Postal?
Is this their final season,
or at least almostal?

To us it isn't given
to pierce the future's veil.
You'll have to keep on livin'
to see how, "You've got mail."

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