Monday, March 23, 2009

Stream of Consciousness Outlook, Moderate to Severe Turbidity

Apparently there was panic in the stores last night when the volcano erupted. It was like a scene from Alas Babylon. I slept through it.
When I woke up, the news was that the president had made another joke. Two weeks ago, the buzz was that he had to lighten up. Now that he has, he's making light of people's suffering. I'd say he couldn't catch a break, but he must have caught a few; he is president.
Today at the post office they had us defer mail in order to be on and off the streets without overtime. They said it was because of ashfall, but I don't believe them. If that was the concern, they'd have had us take all the mail since the ash wasn't supposed to (and didn't) hit here today. I think it's because we're hemorrhaging red ink, perhaps from the 11¢ airmail stamp.
Yesterday at Costco I realized yet another way I've squandered this life and ruined my chances in the one to come. They had a book on display called Replay. The protagonist keeps dying and being reborn as his 18 year old self. Because of his knowledge of sports and stocks, he's able to become fabulously wealthy. Since I can't remember who is the current world champion anything, better yet, the ones from 35 years ago. I'd be completely helpless trying to parlay my knowledge of the world since 1972 into a fortune. About like I did this time through.

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