Friday, March 20, 2009

Dance, Druid, Dance. Then You Can Take a Shower, or Brush Your Teeth.

Today, the first day of spring, was a day of extremes. Okay, not extreme like cage fighting, or anything, but still, it was only slightly above zero when I went to work this morning, but by this afternoon when I rode over to the pharmacy (for the third time for one prescription) it was a lovely spring day. Well, that might be an extreme way of putting it since the snow berms on the streets are still about 4 feet high and the yards are still completely covered in snow, but it was warmer.
Also today, the bathroom remodel is completed for all practical purposes. If you want to park a clown car, or something impractical you'll have to wait, and there's still a little trim work that will probably never be finished.

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