Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weaponized Yogurt

I just heard that in Denver, you have to poke yogurt with a fork before opening it because it's under so much pressure compared to the high altitude atmospheric pressure that it will spray all over. If we ever have a base on the moon, and it's attacked, we could just throw yogurt at them. Or if we were really desperate, sour cream.
For years, we've complained at the Postal Service that we couldn't set our own rates, that we had to go through the Postal Board of Governors. In the postal reform that was passed recently we finally got that right. It was like giving a child a gun. Now no one knows what it costs to mail a letter. The window clerks use a Ouija board, and the rest of us just make stuff up. All we know for sure is, next month, the rates are going up.
I don't know if you've noticed, but lately this blog has been sort of an ineffectual rant about health care. One of my customers today was at least as upset as I was. He brought up McCain's health care policies. I said I really admire McCain, but I couldn't believe he was offering a gas tax holiday, that was such a horrible idea, that we shouldn't be incentivizing (what a horrid made-up word) gas consumption. But then, I realized, hey wait a minute, one "talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner " to a customer.


  1. Speaking of the post office, I just invested all of our money in "Forever" stamps and put them in our safety deposit box....a good idea?

  2. Part of the new reform is that rates cannot go up faster than inflation. That being the case, the stamps will always be worth less, in inflation adjusted dollars, than you paid for them. That's my kind of investment.

  3. We're all about Rio Rancho, NM now, anyway.