Sunday, April 06, 2008

"That corpse you planted last year in your garden, Has it begun to sprout? Will it bloom this year? Or has the sudden frost disturbed its bed?"~Eliot

Well, fine then, April is the cruelest month. Last week I was wearing shoes to deliver mail and telling people I was going to stop riding on studs (on my tires, don't get all SPCA on me). Yesterday it started to snow, and stick, and today it's completely winter again.

In our ongoing series of ineffectual rants about citizens being marginalized by a government that subordinates them to corporations, let me offer this article. So, okay, socialized medicine is bad. But substituting corporations for government isn't so hot either. A medical chart shouldn't have a line for net profit.

By the way, since Karen's feet were on the ground the other day when the doctor was hitting her with a hammer, we couldn't figure out what reflex the doctor was testing. Since he'd never seen her before, I think it was a test to see if Karen was a drug seeking addict, or a pain patient. She passed the test when she reflexively began to cry.

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