Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sure, The Cat Has A Good Time, But What About The Mouse?

Blue Cross has responded to our letter appealing their decision to stop paying for Karen's oral meds. I played Carnac and guessed that the letter ended, "In conclusion, stop bothering us," but I was wrong. Incidentally, so was my co-worker who guessed it started, "Dear F------- Idiot."
Nope, rather than approve it, or even deny it, they are asking for more information. This is brilliant because if they approved it, they would have to pay for it, and if they denied it, we could appeal to the OPM. But asking for more information means we'll just stay here and blog ineffectually. In related news, today Karen was shopping with Leah, but had to come home because she was in so much pain.

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  1. In times like this I find it enlightening to read a lot of Kafka. Oh, did I say enlightening? I meant soul-crushingly familiar.

    Sorry this is all such a nightmare.