Saturday, March 22, 2008


Doesn't it seem as if you're just throwing your vote away sometimes? It seems like the rights of citizens are being subordinated to corporations. It as if we're living a life sentence in a subordinate clause, maybe, "...Yes master"

I was thinking today about how tasteless it was for NBC to run a Law and Order episode during Holy Week that involved a Christian stoning his mother to death because she was an adulteress. Especially since the whole stoning an adulteress topic is covered in so well in John 8 and the most basic tenet of Christianity is forgiveness of sins, since we're all sinners, saved by grace.
[in honor of Easter and forgiveness, deleted: snarky reference to honor killings]

This next story comes last for a reason. I was talking to my sister last night. Here's an aside, from now on she'll be on speaker phone so I can keep my hands up by ears, at the ready. She told me about a man she knew who'd had a stroke. They were releasing him from the hospital but first they had taught him how to catheterize himself, a skill apparently he would need in his new life, even though he told her it was painful. When my nausea subsided enough to speak, I asked her, "Jody, why would you tell me a story like that?" She said that he'd told her. "Right," I shrieked, but he'd had a stroke!"


  1. I had a dream Saturday night that you were dead. You haven't posted since Saturday and I know this family is famous for not mentioning deaths in the family. Are you ok? I mean I guess I could call, but isn't 21st century communication all about the electronics and publicly airing all of your personal family business? Can you still be called the quiet family if you blog religiously?

  2. As far as I know, I'm not dead, although funny you should mention it because I was wondering that myself this afternoon.
    And if I'm not dead then I need to pass on some instructions. After the stroke, when they go to get the catheter, be sure it's a gun they come back with.
    How's that for airing personal family business?
    Oh, and one other thing, do you consider that your posting every month or two is blogging religiously?

  3. I'm just not a very regligious person ;).

  4. I realized this afternoon that Karen and I only make it to church about once every month or two, so by that standard, you are a religious blogger.