Monday, March 17, 2008

The Banality of Evil Quickly Turns to Tedium

I tried all day to think of something interesting to post, but all I came up with this. And this only sounds like it should be interesting.
Yesterday, Karen and I went to our Credit Union to deposit checks and to see if they could make my ATM card work. While we were waiting for the teller to update the PIN on my card, the teller next to us was robbed. We had no idea until our teller told us. Then we had to stay there for an hour to be interviewed by the police. My contribution to crime fighting: "Um, really, she was robbed?"
Real life really can't compare to TV. It has no plot, no theme music and no resolution. The good part was that since we had to stay so long, our teller was finally able to get the IT guy to reset my PIN.
I've always worried that in a bank robbery situation, I wouldn't rise to the occasion. Now I find out, the first hurdle is noticing that there's an occasion to rise to.

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  1. Wow! I am glad no one was hurt.