Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cold, A Cold, Cold

Even though it had an extra day to prepare, March started out today colder than it has been recently. It was a good day for a dogsled race, though, so they had one. In case you don't have a favorite musher of your own, you can share ours. We usually cheer for DeeDee Jonrowe. Well, we're not that exuberant, but we usually sort of quietly hope that she'll win, until she doesn't and then we lose interest.
I woke up with a cold today. I bought some Zicam this evening. I doubt if it will work, which since it's homeopathic, pretty much guarantees that it won't. Damn you, placebo effect.
I went into our locker room at work this morning to put away my earphones. I was still wearing them and the music was pretty loud. When I took them off, one of the other carriers said that pretty soon I'd need a hearing aid. I thought it would be cool if they could hook hearing aids up to iPods. I told him that a lot of people use their iPods to create a zone of isolation. He said something or other, but I explained to him again about the zone of isolation.


  1. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I know that you actually read my emails this way! Zicam does work if only to shorten the length of the cold. And I am a nurse who always scoffs at alternative medicine. Oh, don't post this - zone of typing and all.

  2. I like to post comments because it makes it appear that I have a reader. Having to create alter egos so I can log in and type rotfl myself can be so exhausting.

  3. Here's a freebie: The Iditarod is a sled dog race, not a dogsled race. The sleds don't race; the dogs race.