Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who Knew That the Recipe For Healthy Life Involved Grinding Up a Pig's Glands? And Can I Get Seconds?

Karen went to see a new doctor today. She was young and idealistic and spent over an hour listening to and observing Karen. She talked about Karen's constellation of symptoms which really makes them sound prettier than they are.
She seemed to imply that the most disabling, and frankly, most irritating symptoms Karen has might not be specifically caused by her CRPS. Now, Karen has long complained that doctors don't listen to her. This new doctor seemed to imply that if her other doctor's had even looked up from their magazines they might have noticed that although her tests results did barely stay within normal values, she presented clinically as a textbook case of severe hypothyroidism. To illustrate this point she got a textbook and showed us before and after pictures of hypothyroid patients. For years I've said that Karen was a sub-thyroid, but I was just being mean. See, there's a grain of truth in humor.
The life altering medicines she prescribed came to $4.99. It sounds too good to be true that for $5.00 a month we could clear up the symptoms that have made Karen's life (and everyone's * around her) so hard. We'll see.
*The spell check suggests that "everyone's" is wrong and recommends Efrain's. I want to know who Efrain is and what he's doing with my wife.


  1. Good news! I'm glad to read this. I hope she gets good results with the meds.

  2. I called last night. No Change (well she talked to me for an hour, but she told me there was no change).

  3. The doctor promised that there would be no change for weeks. So far, so good.