Sunday, September 02, 2007

Almost Killed With Kindness.

Today I did ride with the FedEx team from Indian to the lodge at Alyeska. It was about 35 miles round trip on a trail along Turnagain Arm*. They were very welcoming. It turns out that being better armed isn't as big a deal as being better legged, or maybe better biked. As I was flying up a hill, one of the other riders caught up with me and said, "I couldn't figure out how you could hit it so hard with that bike, but then I saw your legs." I wish that hadn't been the exact moment that I began to faint. I was wearing two layers so I pulled over and took off one t-shirt, splashed some water over my head and waited for it to pass. While it passed, pretty much everybody else on the trail did too. After that, though, the pressure was off, and I had a lovely ride, and I didn't finish quite last, so a grand day all around.
And then, Karen made a 2001, A Space Odyssey reference. Talking about Blue Cross's denial of her prescription, she said, "It's like dealing with HAL." After all these years she can still surprise me.

*I didn't take this picture, but this is right where we were riding.

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