Friday, September 14, 2007

Random Thoughts in Search of a Post

The future has let me down again. Besides the no flying cars, the promise of easily accessible information has proven to be a hoax. Right here I was going to type (and in fact, I still am) "This morning 'the sky rolled back like a scroll' to reveal snow on the mountains."
I was going to add a link to the lyrics of the song "Are You Ready" in case you didn't get the reference to a song on an album that's been out of print, or whatever vinyl albums are out of when they're not available, since the early 70's but, alas, it was not to be. I could find a track listing, and even the album art, which brought back a lot of memories from about 1973. Ugly clothes played a large part in these memories, but as I typed that I realized I met Karen on my birthday in 1973, so that was fun, although I bet I was wearing something ugly.
I heard the phrase, "Alas, it was not to be." about 40 years ago when an Israeli diplomat was speaking in Anchorage. She said that they had paid for planes from France, and expected delivery, "But alas, it was not to be." I don't know why, but the phrase stuck in my mind and I've been saying it ever since. A lot. I used to say, "What better sauce than a good appetite?" until my friend Bob, who introduced me to Karen in the paragraph above, threatened me if I didn't stop.
To paraphrase Jack Handy, would we be so quick to kill time if it screamed? Maybe, if it always screamed for no good reason. I mention this because my supervisor told me they wouldn't need my help after I finished my route. I started the day, then, with time on my hands. By the end of the day, I had killed so much time that I felt like I had blood on my hands.

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  1. Sounds like you're channeling Kerouac here a bit. I feel like pulling the bongos out of the closet.