Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Almost Had a Camera This Time

I went on a long ride today with the touring division of the Arctic Bicycle Club. I intended this to be a short post. I was going to illustrate why it would be short by searching within The Hobbit for a quote about how hard it is to make anything interesting out of something that's really fun and beautiful. Once again, however Amazon has let me down.
So instead of quoting somebody insightful, let me just say, blue sky, sun glinting on Turnagain Arm, the Club in a line, undulating through curves, and endorphins flowing like wine.
There was a near tragedy, when one woman's bike slid out from under her on some leaves on the trail (fall is just beginning here, and will be ending in a couple of hours probably). Tragedy was averted when the rider right behind her was able avoid running over her. She was injured, but was able to walk a few blocks to a parking lot where her husband retrieved her.

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