Friday, August 10, 2007

Limits on Noise Canceling Technology

My iPod speakers have noise canceling technology built in. I had them turned up loud enough to induce seizures this morning, and they still couldn't drown out the voice in my head. "Why, oh why," it kept repeating, "would my wife buy enough 'antique' furniture to fill the garage when we have no money or space?"
I am working overtime delivering mail in Mountain View (a former All American neighborhood, where the most recent shooting was one block from where I was delivering) to pay off a Visa bill that coincidentally is the same as my social security number* and we're spending money on broken down furniture that even its owner didn't want? After buying two recliners last weekend?
It's not just my collar that's blue today.

*I read a similar line in the National Lampoon back in the '70's so I know it's funny.

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