Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Part II: Reunion Indeed

Saturday I accompanied Jody to the Peanut Farm, a local bar, where part two of her reunion was held. People were moving and talking when we arrived, so it was much more welcoming than the night before. There was another man there that wasn't from the class of '67, so he and I started talking. He had worked for the Anchorage Times while it was still operating and also for Fred's Bail Bonds. He had fascinating stories about the intersection of news and bail bonds. His wife hadn't known about the reunion and he had surprised her. She was furious with him, and in tears because she hadn't put on makeup or dressed for the occasion. I was soothing and comforting, so much so that she asked if I was gay. "No," I simpered, "but I do have a Pomeranian."
Then I saw a woman that had been in my kindergarten class, taught by renowned Alaskan artist Joan Kickbush. She, Ann, not the renowned artist, had married a man from my sister's class at East. We had some catching up to do. That bald statement doesn't begin to convey how exciting it was to have someone walk out of my childhood from nearly 50 years ago. Hmm, neither did that one. Well, here's the thing, Saturday I was not only excited to see Ann, but about how fun and funny this blog post would be. Boy, are you as let down now as I am?
Sunday night we had a barbecue for my birthday. Jody and I stayed up until way after dark, and then last night she went home.

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