Thursday, April 05, 2007

Did That Last Post Get a Rise Out of You?

Sorry, that was inexcusable.
Today at work, our station manager called us all together. First he told us that we were all doing a wonderful job, except, apparently, for everything we do. Some people started to respond, but then he told us "This isn't a bitch session."
Well, I guess you know what that means for this blog, don't you? Ha, not really because how we're doing is another thing I've lost interest in. Especially since today is Maundy Thursday. As I understand it, no one knows what Maundy means, but it's the day that Jesus washed his disciples feet, and called us all into a life of service. I'm pretty sure Jesus who was nailed to a cross for us without complaint would agree, "This isn't a bitch session."

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