Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I Wrote This On The Airplane, Which Shows A Lot Of Faith In The Bernoulli Principle

We're back from Boston with a quick recap. The flights were fine, except, they all had a crying baby and the person sitting in my seat was very gassy.
Possibly related: We ate a lot of waffles washed down with oatmeal and brown sugar for health reasons and a lot of pizza and Chinese food because it tasted good. Oh, and pancakes.
We had a little family drama but because most of us are passive aggressive not everyone was aware of the drama at the time it was happening, just like you might miss nuances in a television show by binge watching a whole season of Modern Family at once, which we also did.
At our Thanksgivikah party there were a few people that weren't all that skilled socially and I spent my time charming them. It was a little disturbing later to hear someone say, "It was good that we kept the awkward people together in one room.
Now we are truly home, and tomorrow, through the genius technology of pants with expandable waistlines, back to work.

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