Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Been Grueling

Trying to eat everything I can think of that I don't eat on my plan. And now, grueling in the sense of only eating thin brothy comestibles  in order to fit into my work clothes next week. 
Still, a moment of transcendent contentment, far exceeding normal work-a-day contentment just occurred. I've always wondered what the Hocking, in the name Anchor Hocking means. I assumed it was a synonym for glassware, but no dictionary would ever confirm that hunch. In the trance that came over me during the second hour of shopping in the same store tonight (and don't tell me we don't know how to ring out the old year) I suddenly thought of Wikipedia. And there it was, the Anchor company merged with the Hocking company, that was named after the Hocking River. Up till now, I've never wondered what the Hocking River was named after and I don't plan on starting now. But, if, against all hope and reason, I do, I'll just go back to Wikipedia and look it up. So, 2013 ends on a high note. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014. 

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