Friday, November 01, 2013

A Gentleman Loser Looks At Sixty

For Halloween, Karen went as a person who tripped in the kitchen and hit her head in the exact same spot (on her head) she always does. Before the  EMT's came, it was awkward because I had to keep running to the door, smiling and saying, "Help yourself to one or two pieces of candy," then running back to the kitchen to look at Karen. Between her bruising, and the kid's costumes, it was hard to know who was scarier.  We saved $586 (or more accurately, Blue Cross did) because I drove her to the  ER where they said she didn't look concussed and sent us home. They told me to bring her back if she seemed confused, but then they had Fox News playing in the waiting room, so it seemed like they were trying to confuse her. This morning after an intensive treatment with the Today Show she seems fine.
While we were at the hospital, the nurse talked to us about three-wheeled walkers that might be able to fit in our narrow kitchen. I talked to the nurse about my iPhone and its features. It was a good exchange of information and I think I was really able to make a difference in her life.

Here's one of those odd situations where the name, is exactly the opposite of what it seems to describe like Fox News or idiot savant. Yesterday, I bought an album that I first bought in 1972,  Can't Buy A Thrill, and yet, every track thrilled me. Then, and now. I remember what it was to be young, and optimistic, to think that it would always be summer, I'd always have friends, that life could turn out any way I wanted. Even then, Steely Dan sang, "Only a fool would say that." Now I've become the, "man in the street
Draggin' his feet...
do(ing) his nine to five
Drag(ging) myself home half alive."
But listening to them "reeling in the years, gathering up the tears,"
"It eluded us then, but that’s no matter—tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther. . . . And then one fine morning—"
And then one fine day, for only $8.99 we can have it all back again, at least for 41 minutes.

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