Monday, November 04, 2013

Squeaking Wheel Gets Greased

This blog seems to have degenerated into a series of rambling complaints, but that's not precisely accurate. It was always a series of rambling complaints. So, for all of you that have had to bear up under the whole podcast cascade here's a case where I complained to someone that could actually understand the problem and then resolve it. Not to say that somebody that reads this blog couldn't have done that. I'm just saying that nobody did. You can judge for yourselves what that says about you. As I am.
Anyway, they used my question about Apple's Podcast app at Macworld's Ask The iTunes Guy. You can read about it here, (it's the last item, the place of honor, I assume) or you can do what I did weeks ago and switch to a different app.

You may remember the furnace complaints that I was rambling through before the podcast series, but here's a quick refresher; the furnace has been muttering resentfully to itself in the basement, and I've been muttering resentfully about it here. The furnace's muttering was diagnosed by the plumber that installed it two years ago as a just-out-of-warranty pump failure.  While I've been complaining about that, Leah has been complaining that one whole end of the house is cold. I don't remember why I was standing in front of the furnace last night, or why I was gripping its pipes, but I was and I realized that one pipe was colder than all the rest. I opened the valve as an experiment and waited to see where the water would gush out, but all that happened was that the whole house got warm, and the muttering stopped. Apparently, anyone with a little nerve can be a plumber.

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